Accounting services

About us

Founded in 1995, our main activity is rendering accounting services to Estonian resident and non-resident companies.

Our many years of experience help us provide high-quality and expert services to both small (including FIEs) and large companies.

Our service

Primary consultancy in taxation and accounting. Processing of primary records including:
Invoices from suppliers
Invoices to customers
Preparation of consolidated documents including reconciliation statements.
Accounting for fixed assets (unit)
Payroll accounting, holiday and sickness benefits

Applications to public authorities related to employees (registration at tax office, submitting data to social welfare office, health insurance and unemployment insurance fund)
Loan (leasing) contracts, assignment contracts, securities
Bank statement transactions **
Drafting of advance report (incoming document)
Drafting tax returns and annual reports
Submission of statistical reports.


Price list

Monthly service contract €36 (incl. all taxes).The price includes:
One consultation per month
Monthly processing of up to 10 invoices (incl. advance receipts)
Service for the submission of one personal tax return (TSD) with one employee.
Preparation of annual accounts is an extra €60 (incl. all taxes).
For exceeding the document limit – €24 per hour (incl. all taxes).
Practice shows that five extra hours are enough for a small company with up to 100 invoices per month.
In case of larger volumes we make a preliminary estimate and prepare a personal offer.


Please send us your requirements, contact details and the most appropriate way of communication.